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Booktrailer fun

Well I’ve been silent on here for a bit but that’s due to lots of stuff going on with publishing and marketing my new book Plotlands,¬† plotlands-cover-2which is a collection of strange short stories set in Wales, and then of course everything stops for the build up to Christmas. I hope everyone had a great Christmas, mine was a good mix of meeting up with friends and family interspersed with days of quiet for rest and reflection (and tidying up of course). Even managed our usual trip out to Blackpool for fish and chips on Boxing Day.

Anyway on to the main business of the book trailer. This has been a new venture for me and has only been made possible by harnessing the techy skills of my brilliant son, Ted Fenlon and his modestly named Kraplaptop productions. He’s made other short music videos in the past and so I floated the idea of producing something promotional for Plotlands. It took quite a while for him to get the graphics right , using the book cover as the main image with accompanying rolling text and the music is his own composition and sounds suitably menacing and eerie.

I’m really pleased with the result and have been flashing it about on various social media sites – just a bit more fun than the usual book blurb. Unfortunately this page doesn’t support video files but if you’re interested you can find it on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CoELiTy2qCA

Looking forward to a Happy New Year to writers and readers everywhere and much success in 2017








25 years of Edge Hill poets

Robert Sheppard, professor of poetry at Edge Hill University has created a poets’ showcase on his blogspot¬† to celebrate poetry students who have passed through the creative writing department at the uni.

It’s an honour to have my poem ‘Troublin Mind’ published alongside these poets. ‘Troublin Mind’ is a tribute to Big Bill Broonzy and was first published in Erbacce poetry magazine, a Liverpool press run by poets Alan Corkish and Andrew Taylor, both ex-Edge Hill creative writing students.

You can check out my poem and also all the other poems on Robert’s Pages at http://robertsheppard.blogspot.co.uk/2014/09/twenty-five-years-of-creative-writing.html