Does your writing year respond to the seasons?

img336quarterWinter blues, spring fever, do you get them? Winter’s usually a good time for me. Gardening and growing food are major priorities for m, probably equal to my writing life so I look forward to winter when the garden is virtually put to bed so I can concentrate on writing.

This winter hasn’t been quite like that. Actual writing seems to have taken a back seat in the face of the need to constantly update and develop internet marketing and networking. This is especially so as I dipped into self-publishing last year with two collections of short stories.

Although I’m still writing pretty well every day, currently working on non-fiction local history, I only seem to manage short bursts and I don’t feel I’m writing at the depth, or exploring the issues, that normally characterise my work. My eyesight is suffering too from too much time spent on the computer and despite its benefits, I sometimes wish the internet had never been invented.

I guess we all have these creative slow downs at times but it’s never really happened to me before. So – don’t moan about  it, do something is my motto when things aren’t really going my way. I’ve spent more time reading and on craft hobbies which are great for giving your unconscious free rein while ostensibly doing something practical. And now at last, spring is coming, energy everywhere in birdsong and bursting buds. When I walk the fields or work in the garden I can feel that energy rising in me too and I’m turning, turning the sunshine of more creative work.

A completed novel is awaiting revisions so I’m planning a few days away in retreat to get that ready for publication and I hope to spend some of that precious time inviting my unconscious to come up with something new and quirky.

Marketing and networking will still have their places but I’m trying to restrict computer tasks and target more effectively. For starters I’m running a competition to win a free copy of Triple Death  a collection of twisted tales I published recently. It’s easy to enter, just follow the link and best of luck. Here’s to a great year for all writers and readers. your writing year respond to the seasons?


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