First experiences with Kindle Direct Publishing

I published a short story collection with FeedaRead recently and having waited for it to appear on sale  with Amazon and other bookseller sites, I bit the bullet and published it in ebook form with KDP, choosing KDP Select, which limits your ebook to the kindle platform but pays higher royalties.

I didn’t find KDP as user friendly as FeedaRead. I got a bit confused with all the tax stuff and I think I’ve ended up agreeing to pay 30% tax on earnings rather than get something called a TIN number which I didn’t really understand. Also when I uploaded my book file I didn’t see any way of checking the uploaded content before publishing, but that may be just me getting computer overload and maybe I should have taken more time to suss it all out before doing it.

Once I’d clicked the publish button, I was informed that the book would be online in a short time but days passed with my book  status showing as ‘publishing’ with nothing happening. Eventually I emailed KDP and good enough I got a reply within 24 hours saying they would look into it and I would hear something within five days. A couple of days later I got another email telling me the book was now online but when I checked it wasn’t linked to the print version. Looking up the FAQs it said to wait 48 hours but it still didn’t link and I had to email again. KDP did then sort it out and the two were linked within 48 hours.

My main concern is that although I  uploaded the book file complete with introductory pages, dedication, contents etc. none of these have appeared in the kindle version, not even the title page. It just plunges straight in with the first story title. Apart from this I am pleased with the kindle version, it has separated the stories as I wanted so maybe there was something wrong or unacceptable about the introductory pages.

After the publication, I found it quite difficult to set up an author page as I couldn’t see how to access author central. I could only get to it by clicking on the email KDP sent me welcoming me to KDP. Eventually I discovered author central has a separate URL which I have now bookmarked. It also took me a while to find my way around the dashboard etc. but overall it’s been a satisfactory experience and definitely a learning curve.

Over the next few weeks, I expect to become more familiar with the KDP community and hope I will have solved some of these problems by the time I come to publish something else.












5 thoughts on “First experiences with Kindle Direct Publishing

    1. skemjazzercarol Post author

      I’m sure it will get easier. In fact, when I checked my kindle again, the missing pages are actually there, it’s just that for some reason kindle jumps to the beginning of the first story when you access the book!

    1. skemjazzercarol Post author

      Hello Tim, sorry to be a while replying to your question. I didn’t leave Feedaread, in fact I have just published a new book with them, and find theirs is an excellent print on demand service. Unfortunately they don’t support ebook or kindle publication so I had to use a separate service for ebook and chose KDP. KDP has proved quite simple to upload etc but I’m still getting confused with the sales and royalty data. So far it hasn’t amounted to enough to get worried about but I will have to get to grips with it and plan to pick the brains of a more knowledgeable friend to find out where i am going wrong with it! Have you any experience of self-publishing?

      1. timbullins

        I use and a local Taiwan online publisher. just creates a link that you can put on sites and share — well that’s all I use it for.

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