Dipping into self-publishing waters.

I’ve been standing on the shore looking out to the sea of self-publishing possibilities for a long time and now I’ve finally taken the plunge. My short story collection Triple Death was published on the Feedaread platform last month.

The main reason I’d dithered so much was that I was quite put off by the technology and all that formatting and uploading. However, fellow author Elizabeth Brown kindly helped to see me through the initial stages of setting up an account and the file. With Feedaread it really was much easier than I expected and I found Feedaread very efficient at managing me through each stage of the process to publication.The formatting is fairly simple, standard word documentation and Feedaread fixes the margins so that the pages fit properly. The main things to watch are a) that you start with an odd-numbered page so that you page appears on the right at the beginning and b) that you insert a page break at the end of each chapter otherwise the chapters run together. I used my own photos for the cover and used their design template but you can also upload a professionally designed cover if you  like.  My book was on sale on the Feedaread website almost immediately, within a few days my book appeared on Amazon and on other major bookseller sites and I had a box of print copies within a week of ordering them.

Unfortunately Feedaread doesn’t do e-books so I’m doing a separate publication on Amazon kindle and this should be available shortly. In the meantime you can view the book, read an extract and buy at a reduced price on the Feedaread website , check it out on Amazon or any major bookseller site or order from your local bookshop.I’d definitely recommend Feedaread to anyone thinking of self-publishing for the first time.




3 thoughts on “Dipping into self-publishing waters.

  1. brownsunroom

    I agree totally with the ease of use and assistance with FeedaRead, Carol; the end product is as professional as any other publication.
    I am enjoying this book of short stories; my favourite, so far, is an atmospheric tale entitled ‘Re-writing the Story.’


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