A Goodread I had over Christmas

Sheepshagger  by Niall Griffiths
This is a real shocker. Not for the fainthearted but beautiful beautiful writing. Some might struggle to get through the stream of consciousness style and I did feel a little overpowered by the language at times but I was so emotionally gripped by the characters and the plot that there was no way I was going to put it down. If you are looking for romance and happy endings this is not the book for you, its a sharp hard dystopian vision of dispossessed Welsh youth, their lack of purpose set against the backdrop of their ancient homeland. I did feel that the English characters, the yuppy farm buyers and especially Ianto’s childhood abuser were overly stereotyped and lacked depth but that didn’t stop me avidly reading to the end. It’s a long time since a book hauled me in like this and a long time since I was filled with such admiration for both style and content. Having discovered this one, I will certainly be looking out for Griffiths’s other work.
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