Seven writing days

Well, the plan for last week was to write 1000 words a day of the new novel, make time to submit some short stories and look for markets, work on the history of Skelmersdale I’m compiling and get on with my themed short story collection. So what happened?

Sunday: spent all day organising a garden party for my writers’ group. No writing got done but we all had a great time. Monday : Revised ‘Since Janine Left’, the latest in my short story collection utilising feedback from my university writing group. Local writers’ group held an open mic night in Skem library. Guest debut author, Alison Butler reading from her book, ‘The Hanging of Margaret Dickson.’ Great networking event, great mix of poetry and prose. Tuesday: Typed up and edited the end of Chapter 2 of the  novel. Now need to plan Ch. 3 and get on with it.  Wednesday: Life got in the way today: only writing related things I did were reading Writers’ News and catching up with other writers on Facebook, Linkedin etc. Thursday: Hid in a cafe in Skem Concourse and got in a couple of hours’ work on the Skem history. Finished notes for Ch4 of this which covers the period immediately after Skem was designated as a new town in 1961. Friday: Out all day from 7am at an auction in St.Annes. Didn’t buy a thing. Got drunk tonight so did nothing and went to bed early. Saturday: Started Ch.4 of the Skem history. Got down about 1000 words. Took the new novel shopping with me after lunch and wrote the plan for Ch.3 over coffee in Morrisons. Still have lots of research to do for this. Why did I choose to write about a PI? There’s so much I don’t know.

So there it is, I didn’t meet my targets but at least I did something writing related every day. I think because I’m right at the beginning of this novel, I haven’t really engaged with it yet. Once it gets a hold on me, I expect to get into a routing of writing it. Wonder how other people establish a writing discipline. I used to be very organised but lately seem to be getting haphazard. Maybe I’m trying to work on too many projects at once. Let’s see how I do the next seven days


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