Eee by gum it’s been a flummoxing day

Most of the day went well, with me spending some time drinking coffee in the Conny (SKem’s local shopping mall) and working on the history of Skelmersdale New Town that I am slowly compiling (wish I could allocate more time to this but it just doesn’t seem to happen). Just got home, hoping to spend the evening getting on with planning my novel’s next chapter when I switched on my laptop and noticed I was supposed to be attending my Edge Hill writing group in less than an hour, whereas I had it down in my diary for next Thursday. I’d forgotten we’d brought it forward a week and I hadn’t read any of the three pieces we were supposed to be discussing. Panic stricken, I managed to skim read all three and just got there on time. We don’t normally meet in the summer as most of the uni people are away but four of us decided to meet at a local restaurant pub. There’s something nice about discussing work in such a relaxed atmosphere, instead of in a meeting hall/classroom/library etc. Got some constructive feedback on my short story so I will have to make some revisions before considering it finished. Shan’t be sending it out yet anyway as it’s part of a themed collection and I have only four of them complete, Got home about nine, tired and hungry and obsessing because I hadn’t put in the time I wanted to on my novel and shan’t have much time for it now till after Sunday as most of my time is tied up for the next few days. But time for meeting other writers and getting feedback is so important and confidence building, so certainly don’t feel the day was wasted.


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