A happy writer

One of my more successful writing days, the whole day to myself with no housework or gardening, no dogwalking and no cooking. Travelled down to Liverpool for my monthly novelists’ meeting, just a small group of published authors dedicated to giving feedback on work in progress.  Got on with some research into private eye methods during the long bus journey and subsequent coffee stop at M&S. Allowed myself a small diversion into the lingerie department for a spot of retail therapy before heading to Bluecoat chambers for the meeting over lunch. Today it was Jackie’s turn to be under the spotlight as we were discussing her entire  novel, whereas normally we all submit a chapter or so of what we are working on and feedback to each other. Sometimes it’s much better to be able to read the whole work instead of monthly instalments and it’s great for the person concerned to get feedback from several people at once on the strengths and weaknesses of their text. the group looked at my latest creation a couple of months ago and it was really useful. Luckily for me, my agent and her colleague also read the text and discuss what works and what doesn’t so I get lots of viewpoints and when they correspond, then you know that area needs some more work. 

Got back up to Ormskirk for five o’clock and stayed there as I had a craft group meeting at seven, so used the time to drink cups of coffee in Morrison’s cafe and write the final part of Chapter 2 of ‘In the Dolls’ House.’ So now, tomorrow will be typing up and editing today’s handwritten script, following up all the research questions that have developed from it and planning Chapter 3. And so to bed.


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