Writers’ group night

Quite a busy day today writing wise, another 1000 words this morning and a lot of time spent wondering if I can afford to take a research trip to the Isle of Man where part of my new novel is set. I find I write so much better if I’m actually in the environment I’m writing about, it easier to capture the atmosphere of the place. Guess I can do some of it through internet research, especially folklore and history which I need for the background but I’m gradually persuading myself that I need at least a few days there. Wonder how other people  deal with writing settings.

Spent the afternoon finishing a critique for a member of my Society of Authors writing group which meets tomorrow. Usually we all submit work beforehand and discuss it at the meeting but this time we are discussing a whole novel by one member, so I had quite a lot of work to do, editing my notes and comments. Hope she finds them useful.

Tonight was pure fun mixed with constructive criticism in my best loved writing group, Skelmersdale Writers. As well as lashings of tea, coffee and choccy bikkies, we had a melange of fiction, poetry and hilarious monologue. Local author Alison Butler also popped in to meet us. Alison has recently published her debut novel, ‘The Hanging of Margaret Dickson’ and she’ll be our guest at our open night next week to be held in Skem Library when we’ll all be strutting our stuff along with lots of other local writers.


I’m in three writing groups, they are all different and i get something different from each one. I love them all and get so much support from them. How do other writers feel about writing groups I’ve heard both negative and positive things about them.


2 thoughts on “Writers’ group night

  1. Penny Grubb (@pennygrubb)

    I’m with you on the research thing, Carol. It makes such a difference to immerse yourself in the environment. Of course, that can go too far at times particularly in some genres. Crime can be dodgy and Sci-Fi positively dangerous.

    1. skemjazzercarol Post author

      Yes, it would be so easy to disappear into an alternative world. Talking about the crime environment reminded me of the time I heard a tutor suggest to a young attractive PhD student who was writing a thesis on prostitution that her research might include trying it out herself! However, I’m talking myself into this Isle of Man trip but now I’m thinking I might be lost forever in the trackless wastes of Jurby.


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