First post today’s writing

Well this is my first post on WordPress. I hope to connect with other writers, we all need to support each other in the dreary days and congratulate each other on our successes. 

Today has been a good writing day. I started a new novel the week before last while at Caerleon Writers’ Holiday. I was teaching for the second half of the holiday but had the first half to myself to get on with drafting the plot and writing the prologue and first chapter.

Since coming home, I’ve been researching and revising what I’d already written in the light of the research results and today I have almost completed Chapter Two, so am happy with what I’ve done so far. 

The proposal has been pitched to my agent and it was great to get an email today saying how exciting she found it and how she wanted to read the complete MS. People say sometimes that there is no point in having an agent, but I have found mine to be a fantastic source of support. That email today has really spurred me on and given me confidence.


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